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What is Monkey Meter All About?

Use Monkey Meter to rate your road rage for the day, and see what the forecast is for the week in your area. Is your city one of the top road rage cities in the United States? Check the Monkey Meter, the original road rage traffic reporter.

Road rage can occur for numerous reasons, and typically the blame has been put on the driver. However, after more than a dozen years logging user input from the site, it's clear, road rage comes and goes like a tide. Some days are better than others for road rage, and the NHTSA has years of stats for accidents and fatalities supporting this point. The point? There are days where there are more lousy drivers (aka Monkeys) than others.

On the site, you can also see what the current top city is with road rage based on the last 1,000 users. I think Boston and Los Angeles should win permanent monkey awards for top road raging cities based on previous ratings and emails. But now, it may just be whatever city has the highest smartphone per capita...texting and driving is a killer.

Why Monkeys?

I used to drive a lot, close to 1,000 miles a week. When getting stuck behind a really slow, inattentive driver, I used to call them knuckle draggers. I would imagine a giant ape with one arm out the window, dragging his knuckles on the ground, and druel dripping out of his slack jaw. I probably should have called it Gorilla Meter, but the main point was, I wanted a way a way to vent, and to see what cities have the most annoying drivers. The first version of this site had a monkey hanging from a thermometer, going up or down indicating the current levels...back in 2004.

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